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Our history

Since the beginning of the 1930s human impact on the ecosystem of Lake Sevan has been significant, particularly in its impact on water levels and the unsustainable use of fish stocks and lake resources. The water level recession caused the diminishing of natural spawn places of Winter trout and Bojak. 

These endemic fish species are extinct, while Gegharkuni and Summer trout have survived in very small quantities. In recent years complex measures have been taken by the government to increase water level and restore fish stocks, which are very important for the restoration of Sevan’s ecosystem.  It’s not a secret that since the beginning of the 1940s, the quantity of Sevan trout has been decreasing; and in 1978 it was listed in the Red Book of the USSR as an endangered species. Nowadays, despite the fishing ban, the trout is deprived of its natural self-reproduction opportunity.

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Our goals

The fund is to fulfill the following statutory goals: 



Restore trout stocks in Lake Sevan



Solve main problems of Lake Sevan.


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Board of trustees


The Supreme and Supervisory body of the Fund is the Board of Trustees of the Fund (hereinafter referred to as Board). The Board undertakes its activities through sessions. 
The Board consists of 9 members and is formed by the resolution of RA Government. 
The members of the Board of trustees are:



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The management of the current activities of the fund is implementing the executive director. The executive director of the fund is T. Gevorgyan.


Tigran Gevorgyan
Executive director                                                            

Date and place of birth
November 04, 1971, Yerevan


1989-1994 - studied and graduated from the Faculty of Law of Yerevan State University in the field of law.
2001-2002–studied and graduated from Moscow School of Political Studies under CoE. He was awarded a certificate by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.


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Below are represented the basic laws, decrees of Government of RA  etc., which are the bases for the Fund of “Restoration of trout stocks and development of aquaculture in Lake Sevan” to implement the complex project of  “Recovery of trout stocks and fish breeding in Lake Sevan”.

Law about Lake Sevan
Water code
Law about approval of annual and complex measures on conservation, restoration, reproduction, and use of the ecosystem of the lake
The law on especially protected natural areas

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